EPD Worldwide

EPD Worldwide

As highly specialised IT services experts, we provide added value to your IT service maintenance solutions.

We offer comprehensive worldwide IT services management. EPD Worldwide customers benefit from one combined quote valid for all specified countries and adapted to the respective language, currency and local legislation.

Contract Management

Our Contract Management service allows us to constantly review and maintain your IT contracts, ensuring all contracts accurately reflect the correct status of all relevant IT devises within your contracts.

Reviewing Service Level Agreements ensuring they meet customer requirements.

Pro-active 90 day renewal reminder service.

Management of Drop in/Drop out service

Comprehensive contract review process.

Provide clear position on accountability, roles and responsibilities.

Managing contract cancellation policies.

Assure alignment of contract coverage, duration and timing among multiple contracts despite being spread among multiple countries

Ensuring clients are always on the most appropriate service available.

Updating assets on existing maintenance contract.Higher renewal rates

Notification process regarding any changes from vendors applicable for the duration of the agreement.

Electronic Pack Registration

With our Electronic Pack Registration service, we ensure all purchased services are successfully activated and assets supported.

Arranging Pac registrations

Provide pro-active renewal reminders.

Manage vendor tickets.

Providing End of Service machine notification.

Inventory Management

Our Inventory Management service allows us to constantly review and report on your full inventory assuring accurate and correct asset management.

Full Warranty Check on all Inventory.

On-site itemised hardware inventory.

Summary Report for your multiple contracts (by location and vendor.


Our Experts support you in identifying the most suitable service maintenance solutions for you based on your requirements and machine capabilities.

Advising service maintenance solutions available for specific global markets.

Providing the most appropriate solutions available based on budget and value.

Explanation of any tax regulation on specific countries.

Full breakdown on the Service Level Agreements available in each geographical location.

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