Our offering is designed to meet the needs of our customers and extends to all segments of the IT Channel across multiple geographies. We are able to recognise value by reducing the complexity of global IT sourcing and deliver cost and time savings to our partners. Our goal is to consolidate and simplify the process of IT Services procurement.

Our Solution

Many business are confronted with the supply and renewal of multiple vendors for a single project which typically requires a fragmented approach and is inefficient to manage. The route to source IT solutions across multiple geographies has the added complexities of language, time-zones, currency and local tax along with the extra administration of different contacts for quotes and invoices. It’s widely recognised that there is a growing need for optimisation of this process to ensure time and money is well spent.

Our Services

Our team specialises in the sourcing and supply of Multi-OEM services by leveraging best practice from over 10 years of experience working in renewals management with key Vendors across multiple geographies. We are experts in managing both complex and simple renewal solutions to provide a proactive service that supports our partners and meet their goals.  With our extensive network, our team are able to speed up and simplify the sourcing and quoting process to off-load the convoluted task of multi-country sourcing. Working closely with local OEM’s, we are able to negotiate and provide the best solution and pricing for our customers.

Multi-OEM Renewal Consolidation

Reduce overall spend through consolidation

Increased Renewal Rates

Dedicated renewal experts

Granular Reporting

Increased customer loyalty

Multi-OEM Global Renewals

Aligned resources with native language skills

Negotiation of local pricing

Single point of contact

Centralised quoting and invoicing

Currency standardisation

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